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Vitamins, Minerals, Teas and Supplements

Vitamins, Minerals, Teas and Supplements

Many fanciers overlook the importance of supplementing the diet of performance birds with these products, but the truth is that they may be the most important things that a fancier can give to his pigeons, providing they are already in good health.

Supplements, if given prudently, can add to a bird's performance in the shows, in the races, and as a breeder. Since our birds are kept in an unnatural environment, and they cannot receive all of the necessary vitamins and trace elements (minerals) that they need from grain alone, it is extremely important that proper and timely supplements be given. In Europe, supplements are an important part of the program, on a weekly basis, all year long, and their birds are almost always in shining health. Supplements can invigorate, restore, refresh, and stimulate a healthy vigor.