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Pigeon & Dove Facts

bullet Pigeons very in size from 7 ounces to well over 3 pounds. The wing span can be as short as 12 inches and as long as three and a half feet.
bullet All domestic pigeons have a common ancestor, the rock dove pigeon.
bullet Racing Homers have been clocked at over 55 mph!
bullet Pigeons commonly live to be 15 years old. The record is 33 years.
bullet Pigeons can begin breeding at 6 months age.
bullet The World famous Disney World of Orlando maintained a loft of pigeons till 2005. They released hundreds of pigeons in the park daily.
bullet Worldwide Legion of Pigeon Fanciers has many famous people among it members. Quarterback Terry Bradshaw; boxing champions Marvin Hagler and Mike Tyson; actors Yul Brynner, Andy Devine, Scott Baio, and Roy Rogers; country music star Ray Price; and former chancellor of West Germany Willi Brandt, have in the past or are still breeding pigeons.
bullet Homing pigeons race 80 to 600 miles in one day and can fly at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour.
bullet The ancient Greeks used homing pigeons more than 5,000 years ago.
bullet Homing pigeons were used in both world wars and saved thousands of lives while in military service.
bullet Pigeons are pedigreed and cared for just like thoroughbreds.
bullet British royal family has had a loft of racing pigeons at Sandringham Palace. At one time, the royal pigeons had a better record of wins than the royal racehorses.
bullet One of America's favorite comic strip characters is pigeon fancier, Andy Capp.
bullet Julius Caesar, Genghis Kahn, Hannibal, and many other famous military leaders used pigeons as the fastest means of long distance communications, until the invention of the telegraph. And pigeons were still one of the safest ways to send secret messages through the end of the Vietnam War.
bullet Noah's "Dove" was a homing pigeon.
bullet An American army homing pigeon "G. I. Joe" carried a message that saved British army battalion from annihilation in Italy, during Word War II.
bullet A team of navy researchers found that trained pigeons are more that twice as reliable as humans and many times quicker at spotting red or yellow jackets in the water. The system, named Project Sea Hunt, has been proposed for use at a number of coast guard air stations, as soon as sufficient pigeons have been trained.
bullet Ordinary looking pigeon recently sold for a record breaking $132,517.00! The three-year-old, one pound racing pigeon is so valuable because it beat out 21,000 birds in a major long distance race and will some day be used as a breeder just like a racehorse. The racing pigeon was bought by Louella Pigeon World, a British company that raises racing pigeons. The previous record price for a racing pigeon was $73,800.00